“Email Marketing On Auto-Pilot is The Future”



We‘re developing a new software product that will revolutionise Email Marketing and we'd like your input. We want to make sure we include every requirement and that’s where you come in.


In return for completing this short questionnaire – it will only take three minutes or so - we’ll tell you the results of the survey just as soon as they’re available. And we’ll send you an email when the new product’s available so you can get a head start on everyone else.  And you’ll be able to purchase it at 50% of the price that everyone else pays.


The information you give us in this survey will influence the content of this new product. So please tell us your most important needs for Marketing via Email and don’t hold anything back. Even if you think that no one else in the world would want what you do - chances are that they do.


As an Insider I’ll let you in on a little secret … Our internal project name for this new product is “EMMA”, (Email Marketing Automatically). And that’s what EMMA is designed to achieve.


OK, let’s start …


Please answer the survey questions below – most just require simple Yes/No answers . Just a few ask you to type your important questions – enter as much information as you like.

Please enter your name & email address so we can send you your 50% off voucher. We promise not to pass your details onto anyone else – we detest SPAM just as much as you do. Thank you for completing our survey



Please enter your name & email address so we can send you your 50% off voucher. and Thank you for completing our survey







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